PPO Chronicles #63: Anu Chowdhury, Brillio

Anu Chowdhury interned at Brillio, Bengaluru during her summers as an Analytics Consultant. She worked
on an in-house analytics solution that Brillio was developing for the digital transformation of a client organization. The idea was nascent and had many components; Anu worked on a few components of the solution. Her work involved analyzing the structure of the client’s data, check for tabular nature, etc. –
she made the basic restructuring and framework, prepared questionnaire for KPIs, scoring models, etc.
and ideal solutions. The outcome was an interface designed by her, which would be integrated with the final solutions portal.
The best thing about Brillio according to Anu is the liberal nature of the working environment- there’s no micromanagement and interns are allowed to work in their own styles. She experienced the end-to-end
process of the solution during her stint- right from Strategising, Market Research to Designing the UI-
which broadened her perspectives. Besides this, Brillio’s emphasis on the culture-fit of their employees ensured that she interacted with different stakeholders of the project with ease.
Both analytics and management subjects from her curriculum helped in her project. She had exposure
to white paper analysis, deriving inferences, benchmarking and developing USP over competition etc.
Anu had prior work experience in Business Intelligence reporting, which helped her to understand the
data landscape in her project.
Her advice to the next batch is that students must enter their internships with an open mind, since that
may not always land in their preferred domains of technology. Also, she suggests that they develop a
critical mind which would help them to derive inferences from situations. This apart, Anu recommends that students must be good at networking. She thanks her mentors and co-interns for her success. We wish her the best for her future endeavours.


-Karthik K.A. | Media & PR team

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