PPO Chronicles #61: Anand Kumar Singh,Jonhson & Johnson

Anand Kumar Singh of Marketing Batch 2018-20 had the chance to intern with Jonhson & Johnson.

The project assigned to Anand was in Sales and he had to find opportunities for sales of implants in government hospitals and subsequently increase sales. Government market share in medical devices depends on many factors such as the issuance of funds, pricing of devices and affordability which were major challenges as Anand learned during his internship. For this, he had to frequently visit orthopaedic surgeons in various government hospitals as they were the key decision-makers when it comes to buying medical devices in a hospital. This helped him a lot to understand the various pain points on both the consumer and JnJ’s side. During his journey at JnJ, he was able to gain an in-depth understanding of commoditized medical products and specialized or hi-tech products.

Key Challenges that he faced were the timings in hospitals, engagements with surgeons and finally convincing them on the benefits of the product despite the premium pricing. These not only helped him in understanding the various products and their usage by orthopaedic surgeons but also helped him learn about the impact JnJ was having in everyone’s life. Anand was able to create a sales process during his internship that ensured that his work stayed even after his internship period was over, thus creating a long-lasting impact. This was much appreciated by his Guide who had supported him throughout and had played a critical role in ensuring the PPO he achieved.

JnJ touches a billion lives every day and that is what made Anand feel more connected and motivated him to work harder. Along with it, the JnJ work culture added to Anand’s work motivation. According to him from the very first day at induction JnJ introduces it’s three businesses- pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products- and imparts knowledge on what is JnJ doing in all three sectors at both micro and macro level. This induction is carried out by the Managing Directors of each of these businesses ensuring that an intern understands “What are they working for”. Factory visits and an open-door policy help an intern to explore more and provides a basic understanding of the different functions involved in the medical industry. Transparency at the workplace and a team that supports you with whatever assistance they could provide completely define work at JnJ. Johnson & Johnson has a very low attrition rate and most of its employees have been there for almost 10-15 years. All they expect of an employee is to have learning agility, good networking skills, presentation skills, and integrity. 

At JnJ, Anand carried his learning at SCMHRD which not only helped him traverse through his internship but also helped him to convert it to a job offer. The rigor of the course helped him work hard without any signs of stress. Also, the experience of being a part of the Augustus team helped him improve his pitching. The 3 P’s of sales – Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance is what he learned through his journey at SCMHRD and that is what has also helped him throughout his internship. 

To the upcoming batch of interns, Anand suggests that they should develop their quantitative skills, presentation skills, pitching skills, and communication skills. And finally, they should be ready to work in a high-stress environment.

All the best to Anand for his future endeavors.

-Ankit Agarwal, Media and PR Team


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