PPO Chronicles #60: Divay Prakash, JLT India

Divay Prakash from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing Operations, did his internship with JLT India.

Divay interned with the Employee Benefits division of Jardine Lloyd Thompson India where he was tasked with working on the ‘Enhancing Member Experience’ project. The project involved end-to-end complaint analysis and building a predictive model. Accordingly, he started the project by understanding the work process that took place in JLT India – the typical structure of a transaction, work assignment, transaction processing and checking, transaction completion, and member communication. Thereafter, he analysed the complaints database and built a predictive complaints model to pre-emptively take action on specific vulnerable transactions which could result in complaints.

The final result of the project was a 74% increase in predictive complaint model accuracy (overlap between actual complaints and those predicted by the model preemptively) and a 61% decrease in number of potential cases. The new model improved on both the fronts of accuracy and number of potential cases enabling JLT India to achieve greater return even while reducing effort.

To quote Divay, he had a great experience working at JLT as right from the beginning, he received excellent support from both his mentor and project sponsor which helped him get up and running quickly. His project required in-depth knowledge of the workflow of different teams and the issues they encountered leading to complaints, for which he required insight from all team members and leaders. All the people involved were very accommodating and took the time out from their schedules to have in-depth discussions with him. This, coupled with the frequent reviews and feedback enabled him to stay on track and complete his project successfully.

A graduate in Computer Science Engineering from IIIT Delhi, Divay did not have any work experience prior to starting his MBA, however he had worked on various projects over the course of his graduation in Engineering. These had enabled him in getting a rudimentary grasp of management and thus he was able to apply the concepts he picked up during MBA in his internship.

What ensured Divay’s PPO was his persistence in achieving a goal that he had set for himself. As his internship was also his first exposure to working professionally, he was determined to make the most of it. Also, he gained an edge through his knowledge of programming which enabled him to pick up VBA quickly and execute the Excel part of his project in a short time and without any errors.

As far as converting an internship to a PPO is concerned, his suggestion to the juniors would be to start working early and not being fazed by either the complexity of your project or the challenges that you encounter along the way. Also, be mindful of feedback that you receive and try and incorporate as much of it as possible in your work. Finally, brush up on your Excel skills and statistics/analytics knowledge as it is essential to completing any project.

Divay likes to thank the faculty at SCMHRD for the knowledge of management concepts, his mentor at JLT India for his help and feedback, and his friends and family for supporting him in every endeavour.

Many congratulations Divay for your achievement, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

-Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team

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