PPO Chronicles #6: Anudeep Chitirala , PwC

Anudeep Chitirala, from the 2018-2020 batch pursuing Human Resources, interned with PwC, one of the world’s biggest professional services firm in their Management consulting business. Prior to joining SCMHRD, he worked with Infosys for 26 months. His work experience gave him a broad understanding of how an organization functions and understand its nuances, various aspects and expectations of a job on a professional front which greatly helped him crack his summer internship interview. Transitioning into another organization during the summer internship did not pose much of a challenge for him.

Anudeep was part of the People and Organization practice. The internship program was meticulously planned by the organization where they made sure that each intern gets a feel of how a typical day of a consultant looks like and also provided ample opportunities and interventions to make the newcomers accustomed to the culture of PwC.

Anudeep was part of a live client billable project, and the accountability was immense on a day to day basis. His project was on training content development for a client that sought to migrate from legacy ERP systems to the modern ERP systems. His task was to facilitate them with the training material, strategize and help the client to execute and ensure a smooth transition of the client’s employees to the new platform.

Anudeep had client and SME interactions on a day-to-day basis. He was able to provide effective solutions and meet all deadlines. He also received excellent feedback from the client as well as his mentor at the end of the project, which contributed a lot to his PPO with PwC.

His advice to the juniors is to keep things simple by self-introspecting. The companies do not expect a deep knowledge about the specialization of your MBA, be it HR, Marketing, Finance or Operations since it’s just a couple of months into the MBA program. But then, they do expect potential interns to have a rationale behind their choice of a particular specialization. They should be able to connect their specialization with real life experiences and most importantly, have a problem-solving attitude and critical thinking ability in general. He also suggests working on having proper answers to all basic personality questions. Lastly, he advises juniors to trust and believe in themselves to sail through the summer internship process with flying colors!

Many congratulations and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

  • Siwalik Mishra, Media & PR Team

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