PPO Chronicles #58: Aritra Kesh, Deloitte

Aritra Kesh from the batch of 2018-20, specializing in Infrastructure Management interned at Deloitte.

He handled four projects during the three months of his internship. Initially, he was associated with project monitoring for the commissioning of automobile showrooms and workshops for a Japanese automobile giant. This included identification of the risks arising at the various locations and advising the correct scope of work, cost and time. He had to constantly communicate with all the involved stakeholders to identify and solve bottlenecks. For this, he had to travel to various locations across the country. He was associated with this project until the last. The second project that he handled was proposing a framework for the annual grading of real estate projects and promoters. His third and fourth projects were mainly associated with audits for various clients of Deloitte.

His experience at Deloitte was diverse as well as challenging as he was new to the field. Every day he got to learn new things. The work that he delivered at the end of the day was scrutinized by his mentor and others associated with the project. He started receiving appreciation mails during the first month itself which boosted his confidence a lot. All things aside, he really enjoyed the work during his internship.

His past work-ex helped him perform better during his internship and prove that he is capable of handling more workload. His mentor was happy with his work. He has a good eye for detail which helped him shine out. His positive attitude and his mentor’s trust in him helped him deliver the best in class results which gave him an edge over others.

He would like to advise the junior batch to love their work. It’s okay to screw up and make mistakes. Mistakes provide us an opportunity to learn. Never sit idle. Always be associated with some or the other work and keep learning new things in the free time. Push your boundaries and work beyond the deliverables which are provided. Look for inclusive growth. It’s always good to increase the output of the organization. Have faith and confidence. Always keep the context in mind. Even if you think that situations are not favorable just keep working and never give up.

Many Congratulations Aritra and All the best from each one of us at SCMHRD.

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