PPO Chronicles #57: Ashish Pandey, Mahindra CIE

Ashish Pandey, from the 2018-20 batch, specializing in Operations interned with Mahindra CIE. As part of the internship, he worked on “Rationalization of In-plant material handling through VSM (Value stream mapping)”. There were 5 sub-projects from different areas of operations. The core objective was to minimize the cost of operation. He worked on improving various factors that directly impact cost, such as process efficiency, resource utilization, non-value added activities, wastes, man and material travel time and the flow of operation.

The internship has been highly enriching, as the entire team was very supportive. Everyone, right from the Shop floor to top management, was optimistic and dedicated to work. As his project deliverables were highly technical in nature, they helped him religiously in understanding the shop floor operation and identifying gaps that reduce the process efficiency. Along with that, there were weekly project reviews with his buddy, mentor, and the higher management, feedback of which was very productive and kept him on track throughout the process.  

Prior to joining SCMHRD, Ashish completed Engineering in Electronics & Instrumentation, post which he worked in the textile industry for three years as an electrical In-charge and maintenance engineer. As the internship project was based on the shop floor operation, his prior experience really helped him in understanding the operation well, identifying NVAs, wastes and performing improvement methodologies such as SixSigma, DMAIC, VSM, MOST and Time-motion analysis in a better way.

It is important to have a thorough understanding of the deliverables, and long term implications of a successful implementation of the project. Ashish sought regular feedback from his buddy and mentor and put continuous efforts to make improvements. He also carried out the historical data analysis of each problem to reach out to the root cause. 

Apart from being highly passionate, dedicated and putting in a lot of hard work in the project, one thing which he thinks has helped him is not wasting much time in identifying the best approach before going for its execution. Instead, he implemented every possible approach, looked at the results, and recommended the best solution accordingly. The best thing about being an intern is that one can make mistakes and learn how not to repeat the same. If one really puts in the effort, it will definitely be recognized. 

Congratulationsand all the very best, from each one of us at SCMHRD

– Shrividya Vemparala, Media and PR Team

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