PPO Chronicles #56: Medha Kamath, Optum

Medha Kamath from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing HR, did her internship with Optum. 

Medha handled two projects during her internship, one was about understanding how various engineering companies deploy rewards, enable talent transformation and encourage learning and up skilling of employees utilizing alternate reward models/innovative rewards practices. She was also expected to identify the pre-existing innovative reward practices that are used in the companies to motivate and retain their employees. Her next project was about understanding alternate sources of talent in the companies, say, contract employees, gig employees. The scope of the project was further into identifying what percentage of workforce fall under the bracket of non-permanent workers and they type of roles they’re hired for.

The basics taught to her at SCMHRD in subjects like Compensation and Benefits, Business Research Methods etc served as a good framework in helping her with the projects. Additionally, she found everyone at Optum to be extremely helpful and she establishes that she got to learn a lot in those two months. During her internship, Optum made her feel like a part of their team, and even involved her in all meetings and FGDs. Overall, she advocates that working in a culture like that was a wonderful experience.

As Medha did not limit her learnings at Optum to her projects, today she knows a lot about the different types of rewards offered to employees and the planning which goes in deploying them. She also got to understand the alternate ways in which talent can be sourced for various roles in the company. Everything that she learnt at SCMHRD, and her tremendously helpful family and friends played a pivotal role in Medha getting a PPO. However, she also likes to thank her supportive mentor and ‘buddy’ at Optum.

One guidance Medha wants to leave the junior batch with is to learn the key trends prevailing in the industry and your area of expertise. Also, give your 100% during the internship and learn as much as possible from the company, and the mentors. 

Many congratulations Medha, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

-Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team


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