PPO Chronicles #51: Siddhant Rampuria, ITC LIMITED

Siddhant Rampuria from the batch of MBA 2018-20, specializing in Marketing had an
opportunity to intern with ITC. His project was to understand the super stockist model of various competitor companies – Nestle, Dabur, Anmol, Brittania and Godrej and after abcomparative study develop and deploy a super stockist model for ITC in rural areas.
During his tenure at ITC he was given every resource and all the support that he required to complete his project. To develop and implement the super stockist model he
had to understand the incentives and margins that the competitors are providing and the cost and channel of reach that they are using. After having an understanding of the same, Siddhant went on to develop a scheme for ITCs distributors and shared it with his mentor. This was not a part of his project and was much appreciated that he took the effort and time to explore a new scheme.

Siddhant had no prior work experience and hence did not have any bias and kept an
open mind. The best thing he experienced about ITC was that they were open to new
approaches and just expected the interns to think on their feet and work hard to achieve
the solutions. The edge that he had while interning for ITC was his willingness to do
anything for the company and his determination to work and learn as much as he could.
These helped him in bringing out co-operation of stockists and distributors in ruralbareas. All of this eventually helped him to convert his internship into a PPO.
To help out the upcoming batch, Siddhant suggested that they need to brush up their
Excel skills and marketing concepts. Also they should never say no to any work
assigned by the mentor and try various approaches to a problem. Lastly, he also
wanted to convey that at the end of the day interns are judged on their hard work and
their interest in the assigned job and hence one’s attitude highly matters when it comes
to getting a PPO.

We congratulate Siddhant and wish him luck for his future endeavors.

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