PPO Chronicles #50: Rohan Jain, TATA MOTORS LIMITED

Rohan jain, a student of Marketing specialisation, 2018-’20 batch, interned for Tata Motors Limited – International Business. His project was to plan and implement a BTL campaign for Dubai to increase brand awareness of Tata Motors Limited. In short, they selected three drivers that worked for their key accounts in Dubai and made their families travel to Dubai at a Ramadan Iftar party at Taj, Dubai as a surprise.

Rohan had previously worked in a Tata Group company and so he already had a sense of the culture he was about to witness. He expressed that Tata Motors has a very warm culture, managers are always ready to help you with anything, and employees are trusted with responsibilities and are given authority to make decisions which inspired him to do well during his internship period.

A lesson from SCMHRD which worked for him during his internship was that of persistence. He was working under two mentors and often it used to become too difficult to catch hold of either of them. Persistence and determination helped him stay calm and stick to the objective of his project.

Rohan interned in the ‘International Business’ unit which required knowledge about international trade and how companies go about it. It being an esoteric subject was a major challenge. Since he was interning with senior managers who were continuously travelling abroad for work purposes, their availability was of question, which posed another challenge at times. An exposure to work for the international market was in itself a key learning for him as he got to understand what worked for the customers in Dubai and what was the culture in which they can leverage to increase the brand awareness. Also, primary learning was to work with cross-functional teams to understand how they can meet the objective connecting all subparts.

At the start of his internship, Rohan tried to make sure that he had a very clear picture of the project and the objectives he had to meet. Once that was done, he worked relentlessly to fulfill the same without erring, at the same time maintaining a clear understanding of his progress in the project.

To the junior batch, Rohan advises to have a thorough understanding of the company they are interning for and to make sure they’re in sync with their mentor about the project title. Do not hesitate to go the mentor for the smallest of the doubts because often you may get to work on big-budget projects which need to be completed flawlessly. Lastly, he suggests the junior batch to try to absorb as much knowledge as possible about the company by working with cross-functional teams.

On behalf of the SCMHRD family, we wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

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