PPO Chronicles #48: Shubham Upadhyay, Pidilite

Shubham Upadhyay from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing Marketing, did his internship with Pidilite.


His winter internship was under the MNT division of Pidilite Inc., and it revolved around market mapping, market share analysis and segmentation of the end-users based on their consumption patterns of the Cyanoacrylate bulk packs which included products like Fevikwik and Flexkwik. The duration of the internship was one and a half months and the location allotted was Pune and its adjacent areas.

It was a very pleasant experience for Shubham, working for Pidilite Inc., as they gave him immense learning opportunities in the field of market research, brand management, and consumer behavior. During his field visits, he interacted with dealers, wholesalers, industrial resellers as well as end consumers which helped him understand the market dynamics as well as the functionality of the different consumer activation points. In addition to this, he not only got to learn how to calculate the market share for a particular product that is present in the market but also how important it is for a company to know the customers present in different marketing channels so that they can be targeted effectively.

Even though Shubham was a fresher, with a B.B.A degree from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS), he already possessed the relevant knowledge and the technical know-how. It aided him in understanding the market scenario and the working of a company better. Additionally, having previously worked in the Pune region during his summer internship made him habituated to the different local areas. It also helped him establish a better bond with the territory in-charges alongside the local support team which led to an effective and efficient collection of the relevant data.


His advice to the coming batch of interns is to work consistently during the duration of the internship as one never knows when that ‘Eureka’ moment will come and fetch them the Pre-placement offer!  Thus, it is very crucial to work honestly and follow a non-deviating timeline. There will be days when you might feel like you’re losing control of things and it might seem a little dim but it is very important to keep up the good work and strive forward.


He likes to thank his parents for believing in him throughout the internship and keeping him motivated. He also likes to thank his friends Faraz Khan and Abhinav Jha, also PPO holders from Pidilite, who helped him find an appropriate approach to tackle his business proposition.

In the end, he would like to thank his mentor, Mr. Ritesh Jain, who was supportive throughout the internship and always guided him so that he doesn’t deviate, and achieves his deliverables effectively.

Many congratulations Shubham, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

  • Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team

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