PPO Chronicles #46: Deepali Samtani, Cisco Systems

Deepali Samtani from the Human Resource batch of 2018-20 interned with Cisco Systems, at  Bengaluru. Her project was in the area of Talent Management and she worked with the University Recruiting (UR) and the HRLP team for the same. The title of her project was – ‘Millennial / Generation Z Attraction and Retention best practices from the Industry.’ The approach that Deepali followed for her project was to understand why the problem arose in the first place and who all are the stakeholders that would be affected by this problem statement. After analyzing this, she conducted benchmarking of various companies (competitors as well as non-competitors) to try and understand the gap that existed. Her next task was to deliver recommendations that would be feasible, relatable and implementable for the organization.

An Electronics engineer, Deepali found her internship experience at Cisco extremely exhilarating. According to her, Cisco was a great place to work at, and one of the most important things she learned there was that the culture of an organization plays a very important role in shaping the overall atmosphere of a company. She also learned the importance of time management and building strong relationships. One of her most remembered and cherished moments in Cisco were the break out areas (The Galaxy Lounge and the Swing Garden) where she often went and worked on her project.

Thanks to her 28 months stint at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, she had prior experience working on projects which had the application of Human Resources. Inclined to make a career in this respective domain, Deepali’s experience was definitely an add on and helped her score a PPO from Cisco. Apart from these factors, the level of detail that she went into, interaction with different stakeholders, and her ability to come up with Cisco specific recommendations after analyzing the problem from a ubiquitous mindset were just some of the things that helped her stand out from the crowd of interns.

Her advice to the junior batch would be to take time and understand the actual problem that lies beneath. It’s very important to understand the ‘Why’ of the problem. Additionally, giving organization-specific recommendations is equally imperative. (One thing that may work for the top e-commerce company may not work for an FMCG). Once that is done, bringing in something extra to the table might just be an icing on the cake. She wishes the junior batch to join their organizations, ready to learn and return with flying colors in the form of numerous PPOs. She wishes the batch of SCMHRD 19 – 21 all the very best.

Many congratulations Deepali for all your achievements, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

-Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team

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