PPO Chronicles #44: Sahil Kalra, Mahindra CIE

Sahil Kalra from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing BA, did his internship with Mahindra CIE.

At Mahindra, Sahil’s project was to build a model for the purpose of real time contribution margin analysis. His deliverables included (1) the identification of gaps in the existing costing and margin analysis, and (2) Developing a new IT enabled model – An automated product costing and margin analysis with all the necessary inputs as a decision support system and to demonstrate output on total population of live parts in the system. As soon as he got his task in hand, he finalized the roadmap for the project and started working on it.

Though Sahil was assigned the project in the Finance Department, it involved collaboration and communication with all the departments, be it Marketing, Production, Engineering, or Procurement & Logistics. But he loves the fact that he was given complete freedom and autonomy to carry out the project. Management’s trust to complete the project was exceptional and the best part for him were the weekly reviews by the COO himself during which he used to not only ask for updates on the progress and way forward, but also guide him regarding the project. Sahil feels extremely lucky to have a mentor who was the Chief Financial Controller of the company’s stampings business as he was always available for open discussions.

Having previously worked in Operations for an Auto component company like Motherson Sumi Systems Limited for more than 3 years definitely helped him during his internship at Mahindra as understanding the business and culture came naturally to him. The same helped him understand the process faster and deliver the results in a timely fashion. The major task according to him was the collecting and cleaning of data, which took most of his time.

Sahil used Microsoft Power Query for building the model and Tableau & PowerBI for creating dashboards. Although building the model and conveying the results were expected, narrating the impact of the model on the company’s business in the form of stories was something different that Sahil did. Connecting the dots using storytelling and engaging the management during the review helped him convert his internship into a coveted PPO.

To Interns of 2020, Sahil advises to always expect the unexpected. It’s a great opportunity to network and develop, don’t hold yourself in a cocoon, limited to your interests. Rather, be quick to adjust yourself to changes. For his successful internship, Sahil likes to thank Mr. Shantanu Parvati, Mr. Sanjay Mohanty and Mr. Udaya Bandha for their constant guidance and support throughout the project. He also likes to thank Dr. Ravi Kulkarni, Dr. Manish Sinha, Mr. Sunit Joshi, Dr. Shantanu Prasad and Mrs. Rajneet Kaur Rupani whose lectures and class notes were extremely valuable for the execution of the project. Lastly, he extends his gratitude towards his batchmates for their valuable suggestions.

Many congratulations Sahil for all your achievements, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

-Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team

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