PPO Chronicles #43: Sameer Dubey, ITC Ltd.

Sameer Dubey, a student of HR, batch of 2018-’20, interned with ITC Limited under their Tobacco division. His project charter was to Strengthen Managerial Effectiveness amongst India Tobacco Division Managers. His project was based out of the Head Office, in Kolkata.

His project included understanding what managerial effectiveness entails and its various components. ITC conducted an employee engagement survey, the results of which gave them a Managerial Effectiveness index. His project included to analyze what new steps could be taken by the organization in order to enhance Managerial Effectiveness on a continuous basis that would consequently improve the score of the managers on the index.

Sameer expresses that some subjects like Business Research Methodology, taught by Mr. Shantanu Prasad at SCMHRD, helped him in his internship. The teacher further helped him by clearing his doubts and verifying the questionnaires that he prepared to interview managers for his project. Apart from that, few theories taught in Learning & Development and Organizational Behavior also aided him in his project during his internship.

At ITC, he found himself to be aligned with the culture. The kind of thought process he had towards approaching the project was in sync with the organization. Though the project was based out of Head office, Sameer got a chance to travel to different factories to have in-depth discussions related to his project with the factory managers and thus he got an exposure to not only the corporate but the factory setup as well.

Further, Sameer says that in any business scenario, more than the analysis, what matters is how the findings of that analysis fits with the context of the organization. One key learning for him was to keep that context in mind. 


Since his project included extensive secondary research, he was studying new things, learning from them and applying the same on the business problem at hand, which was both a challenge and learning at the same time. 

He found ITC to be a place where managers, even though they have spent considerable time in the corporate, remembered theories from the subjects and could very well quote and use these theories on business problems. From them, he learnt never to downplay the importance of theoretical knowledge. 

To the junior batch, he advises to brush up their technical skills like Powerpoint and Excel before going off to their internships, as these become part of your hygiene factors. To the HR batch he recommends to be well versed with the theoretical part of their course, and at the same time develop a perspective where you can apply these theories on live business problems.  


SCMHRD Family wishes him all the best for his future endeavours!


-Anubha Mishra, Media and PR Team

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