PPO Chronicles #41: Vaidehi Padhye, JP Morgan Chase

Vaidehi Padhye, specializing in finance, from the batch of MBA-2018-20 interned with JP Morgan Chase at the Mumbai office.

She worked with the Corporate and Investment Banking line of business. The unit she worked for was Credit Analysis Unit (now Wholesale Credit Solutions). She had to perform credit analysis on two entities for internal purposes. Those two entities were counterparts of JP Morgan Chase and the analysis was done to take decisions regarding maintaining relationships with the entity. She says her internship program was well structured from the day of her joining. All the interns were given relevant training pertaining to the specific projects that were allotted. Also, during the course of internship there were a lot of relevant sessions which helped the interns get a flavor of work of the entire unit and JP Morgan Chase as a whole.

She adds that there was a proactive buddy-mentor system which helped her reach out to him whenever she needed guidance or help. Getting feedback was very easy as buddy and mentor both were easily approachable and they had a feedback session with the mentor scheduled every two weeks which helped her perform better. The culture at JP Morgan Chase was a very helping one. The open-door policy made the peers and the higher management always approachable.  

“Make the best of the opportunity” attitude that she carried with herself, helped her to learn a lot and deliver her project to the best of her capacity. Meeting the deadlines, networking and attention to details were the parameters which had paramount importance at JP Morgan Chase on the basis of which Vaidehi stood apart and got a PPO.

Set the objectives clear and be thorough with the deliverables. Seek regular feedback and do not repeat the same mistakes. Try to see the bigger picture so as to analyse your project holistically. Be yourself and do not have a negative competitive spirit within yourself. These are a few suggestions she wants to share with the junior batch as a learning from her experience.

Congratulations Vaidehi and we wish the very best for you!

-Prachee Muzumdar, Media and PR Team


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