PPO Chronicles #40: Utsav Patel, Capgemini

Utsav Patel from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing Finance, interned with Capgemini.

In his Internship, Utsav was entrusted with two projects. The first one was on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for FNOL process in Claim centre and the second was on creating revenue model for Guidewire policy centre and claim centre implementation projects. Apart from them being great learning opportunities, he found working on these projects extremely interesting. This was also something that his mentor wanted to implement, and further, pitch the ideas to existing and new clients of Capgemini.

Utsav really liked the vibes and tags his overall experience as a good one. At one point, initially, his project was changed and he wasn’t very clear about his deliverables but his mentor helped him understand what exactly is required of him. He even gave Utsav a rough idea about what is expected from him for in both the projects and as time went by, things started becoming clearer and clearer on their own. During his Internship, Utsav also worked with the technical team for one of the projects, and senior management for another. Both interactions gave him a good understanding about approaching clients the right way.

Electrical Engineer Utsav credits his prior work experience as a Business Analyst in an IT company in helping him perform better than others in his Internship. In one of the projects rather, he had to follow the same process where he had to understand the client requirements and convey the same in technical terms to the technical team. Something that he was able to manage smoothly and complete before as he was able to have timely follow ups with both parties. 

Apart from sheer dedication and hard work that he displayed, there were a lot of things Utsav certainly did right as he scored the coveted PPO. In addition to timely feedback and follow ups with his mentors and other teams, his relevant past experience as a Business Analyst, and being able to deliver exactly what was expected of him definitely gave him an edge over others.

To the upcoming batch, Utsav has the following to say – ‘Clear deliverables and timely feedback from mentors and other teams/buddies who are part of your project would help to better understand the scope of the project, the requirements and mentor’s expectations. Make new friends while at your Internship and use this corporate opportunity to network well with everyone you meet.

Many congratulations Utsav, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

-Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team

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