PPO Chronicles #37: Rajeesh Jegadeesan, ABFRL

Rajeesh Jegadeesan from 2018-20 Marketing batch interned at ABFRL.

His project was about giving a holistic strategy for Step improvement in Womenswear business and the objective of the project was to increase LTL sales by 50%.

Coming from a humble background, everything starting from the city, the language, the corporate culture in the retail sector and above all, the Women’s Fashion world, was new for him. Besides this, he had to travel to Pan India, to all corners of the country, work on weekends at stores and talk to customers on a daily basis. But he saw the opportunity in the challenge that was thrown at him and used it to learn as much as he could during his internship. He got great support from his mentor, buddy, all the team members and never shied away from asking for help. He had great exposure and confidently claims that he knows a thing or two in Fashion after this stint.

Rajeesh is a mechanical engineer who had worked as an Inside sales engineer at Matrix Metals LLC where he gained some experience in project management. According to him, his prior work-ex played a huge role in landing the internship with ABFRL. During the internship, he had a pretty good idea about how to go about it. He clarified his roles, responsibilities, and deliverables with his mentor and was relentless in seeking help throughout in getting to know the project well, from different stakeholders. All of which was his work habits from his previous job, for which Rajeesh gives credit to his first boss for having played an important role in shaping up his OCB.

During his internship, Rajeesh had constant moral support from his family to not to take too much stress from the internship where his employability is consistently under fire. With consistent feedback from his mentor, seeking help from industry experts, and not backing down when the project demanded overworking, he outgrew himself during his internship. Traveling to 8 – 9 cities in 2 months and having a project in Womenswear made him stand out. He provided an original approach towards the problem and helped the company to visualize a redundant problem in a perspective also backed by analytics. Additionally, through the visits, he identified a key market in Northeast India. All these gave him an edge during his internship helping him achieve the PPO offer.

To the junior batch, he wants to convey that at an internship, they will try to judge how good of a fit can you be for the company, and it might be a difficult transition from student to employee for some. So, ideally, the preparation should start from improving one’s overall personality by working on soft skills and networking. The interns should also read a lot about the industry’s best practices in whichever sector they are employed in. Having an original approach would always benefit as no one except you would have traveled that path. And to the introverts (like him) he suggests that you do not shy away from speaking up and getting help and feedback on the solutions from different stakeholders so that there is no dissonance between your solution and what the company expects out of you.

SCMHRD Family wishes him all the best for his future endeavors!

  • Ankit Agarwal, Media & PR Team

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