PPO Chronicles #33: Subham Gupta, Wipro

Subham Gupta from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing MBA in Human Resources, did his internship with Wipro Technologies.

Subham was placed in the central Talent Management Team at Wipro, where he had to model a new global promotion policy for Wipro. Talking about his project in detail, he said that, as the company’s hierarchy was under some technical restructuring, the leaders wanted to upgrade their existing promotion policy based on current best practices, and bring synergy between the new structure and the policies. So, Subham’s role was to benchmark and conduct qualitative interviews, to understand what were the existing challenges in the process and adopt some of the best practices which would complement the company’s culture and way of working at Wipro. At the end, Subham presented three models to the entire leadership team who handled the HR domain, out of which the team was very keen on one of them, which is currently under review.

Being a fresher, it was a completely new and exhilarating experience for him to understand how things worked in an organizational setting from the eyes of an HR intern. One of the best things that helped Subham in the completion of his project was the ease of access to the senior management team there. They were always ready to guide him through his project and understand the critical issues that needed to be addressed on priority. Overall, it was a fun and enriching learning experience for Subham.

Subham thinks that he had an edge over others because he did a thorough research on the project objective, both primary and secondary, which led him to many alternatives that he could propose, coupled with his pre-internship preparations on the theoretical aspects in HR, which helped him dive deep into the problem statement from a 360° perspective. This gave his entire project a firm base and the feasibility, which ultimately helped him bag a PPO! 

Subham’s words for his junior batch is to have an open mindset, a firm grasp over the basic working of your assigned department and diligence. This really helped him and he thinks it would definitely help everyone who are preparing for their summers. And above all, Confidence is the key!

Many congratulations Subham, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.


-Jasmine E. Peter, Media and PR Team

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