PPO Chronicles #29: Anandhi Sivasankaran, WIPRO

Anandhi Sivasankaran, from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing Operations, did her internship with Wipro, as a part of WiSE-2019, Wipro’s Summer Experience program. She was a part of Pre-sales of Cloud and Infra-Structure Team. Her project was on Proposal Automation, wherein she was responsible for automating Request for Proposal (RFP) process for content generation, which was time-consuming otherwise. Since most of the content was reusable, the idea was to select a software that can be used to store content on the cloud that can be customized as per requirement after a drag and drop.
Anandhi had to study various softwares, validate the pros and cons of each, verify the prices and recommend a tool that would simplify the process. Since she was part of all the software demos and relevant meetings, she could understand the practical implementation.
The internship, being her first corporate exposure, was an extensive learning experience and everyone was really helpful during the entire course. Since the people in the company were easily approachable, it helped her in reaching out to them with no second thought.
During the internship period, maintaining a regular track of the progress that she was able to make every week, and documenting the work parallelly helped her save time, which she was able to use for adding extra features and this gave her an edge over others.
She suggests the junior batch to have a basic knowledge of all the domains irrespective of specialization. Especially having a strong command over Business Analytics and Business Forecasting is very useful. Prior to joining the organization, thorough research about the company gives a better understanding. During the internship giving more
importance to facts and figures, will add value to the project. Being open to learning and having strong analytical thinking will create a positive impact.

Many congratulations on getting the PPO and wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.
– Shrividya Vemparala, Media and PR team

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