PPO Chronicles #27: Manik Hindwan, OYO

Manik Hindwan from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing Business Analytics, did his internship with OYO.​

Manik had the opportunity of working in the Conversions department of Oyo where his role was in Business Analysis and Data Sciences. His project revolved around optimizing the conversion rate that OYO’s app had every day in order to ensure maximum realization. 

Once in Gurgaon, Manik was assigned a mentor who was the Engagement manager of the Data Sciences team. The project that Manik handled was nothing like the typical B-school case studies – it was a real-time project and he was a valuable resource. Most of the progress that he made was self-managed, along with the guidance of his mentor and the team, of course. 

Before coming to SCMHRD, Manik had previously worked in TCS for 41 months as a developer, which was not very much related to what was waiting for him at Oyo, according to him. At Oyo, his project was all about marketing, sales, and optimizing of revenue, so most of his learning happened while working. He worked on Python, R, Tableau, PostGreSQL and used the Hive platform. Most of his real world learning was during the course of those two months, and implementing it side-by-side was the main challenge he overcame in order to earn his place at OYO. 

Manik worked along with a management consulting firm in one of his projects. Being able to connect business with what they were doing worked in his advantage. Anyone can learn to code, but getting meaningful insights from the same and then communicating that to the stakeholders in a business language, is what made him stand out. Through the use of A/B Testing and other strategic discussions, Manik was able to bring new insights on the table and help them achieve better results than before.

He credits his successful internship experience to his mentors, who were very helpful. They never spoon-fed the interns, rather broadened their perspectives to new possibilities. To the next batch of interns, Manik suggests being prepared to face the most unexpected challenges. It may happen that many things are given to you and a lot of results will be expected while you might not have any idea. Learning and implementation will happen simultaneously. Be persistent, show ownership and accountability of your work and the rest will follow. 

Many congratulations Manik, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.


-Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team

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