PPO Chronicles #26: Bhuvan Kumar, Mahindra CIE

Bhuvan Kumar from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing Marketing, did his internship with Mahindra CIE. Chennai boy Bhuvan’s project was a risk-based project in Business Development wherein he was expected to provide Mahindra with future technological solutions as to where they can pivot from their current technologies, and towards the future. All businesses today face competition, the case for Mahindra was no different. The goal for Bhuvan was to find areas for the company to successfully venture in.

According to Bhuvan, the work culture at Mahindra is a balanced one – it’s not particularly strict but you can’t be lazy either. His mentor was the Chief of Engineering, something that was extremely helpful as he was able to ask and clarify his doubts without having to go through the chain of hierarchy. Having this constant monitoring, support and freedom from his mentor, business developers, and the engineering team, helped him a lot whenever he felt scattered.

Due to the scope of research being huge in the project, even as an intern, Bhuvan was allowed to work from home at times. Although during his first week, he felt a little stumped. Through his dedication and constant periodic reviews with the Plant COO, Mentor, and Plant Head, Bhuvan was able to absorb the work and deliver efficiently by the 2nd-3rd week.

One challenge for Bhuvan was the data constraint, as the time period was very less for the work he wanted to do. His project was about 70% secondary research and 30% primary research, and he felt he could have delivered more and done more if he had more time with the project. Nonetheless, his reviews went well as the management was happy with his output and always gave constructive suggestions.
To the batch of students interning in summer 2020, he suggests being patient during the Internships. No matter if you’re a fresher or have 40+ months of work experience like him, do not rush into things. Understand the project well and whatever you know, give it your 100%. Whatever you don’t, be humble, ask for guidance and they will teach you. It may also happen that your mentor might be very busy, use their time judiciously.

Additionally, remember that there is no set pathway for scoring a PPO, a lot of external factors are also at play. Just concentrate on your work, learn and leave the rest to them.

Many congratulations Bhuvan, and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

· Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team

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