PPO Chronicles #25: Sarthak Nayak, HILTI

Sarthak Nayak, HILTI

Sarthak, specializing in Infrastructure Management and Development from the batch of 2018-20, interned at Hilti India Pvt. Ltd. He worked for Energy and Industry Department in understanding the HILTI way of business and to get feedback on products yet to be launched in India specifically for automobile industries. His work majorly consisted of engaging with big automobile companies to get to know about their production line, pertinent drawbacks, and issues faced during the process, and how Hilti can assist them to help achieve better results.

His Research included visiting various ongoing projects, meeting key stakeholders, and understanding their views on the same. This helped him get a first-hand experience, while the data from various sources helped him analyze the problem statement better.

Being a fresher, Sarthak was new to the corporate set-up and the dynamic work culture. For him, it was an enthralling experience, which gave him an opportunity to explore his horizon of thought and make the best of the time available. He found the summer internship experience an enriching one. He was amazed by the flexible and supportive work culture at Hilti and how his colleagues were always ready to help him whenever in need.

Being punctual and always ready to take feedback at every milestone achieved to have a better understanding of further deliverables of the project helped him get an edge over other interns in bagging a PPO. All in all, this internship provided him with a wholesome view of what corporate life is and what is expected from a good manager. He looks forward to joining the company next year. He further suggests the junior batch go with the flow and give their best in every situation they face.

On behalf of SCMHRD, we congratulate Sarthak for his achievement and wish him luck for his future endeavors.

-Prachee Muzumdar, Media and PR Team

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