PPO Chronicles #17: Jasmine Kharkongor, Capgemini

Jasmine Kharkongor, from 2018-20 batch, pursuing Human Resources, interned at Capgemini, as part of her Summer Internship program. She worked with the Talent Acquisition Team and her project was to improve the reviews and ratings of Capgemini across the media platforms. This was done by enhancing the candidate experience i.e. the way a candidate perceives an organization, which plays a crucial role in the way they speak about the brand. The project involved a lot of analysis and work to be done by thinking from the perspective of candidates.

According to her, the internship was a great learning experience as she had the opportunity to talk to a number of people which gave her a varied exposure. Prior to joining MBA, she pursued Bachelor of Business Administration. Her ability to work in a team, approach people as and when needed and handle situations professionally helped her in getting a lead over others. As per her, taking initiative is of utmost importance. In addition, she stresses that one should understand the importance of the project given and how and what value it can add to the organization.

She suggests the junior batch to have a strong command over their core subjects and they should be aware of what is going on in their respective domains. Additionally, be willing to learn from each and every experience gained, be it in working beyond time schedule and delivering more than what is expected during these two months, to apply in the future.

Congratulations on getting the PPO and All the very best for your future.

 – Shrividya Vemparala, Media and PR team

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