PPO Chronicles #16: Jai Damania, Reliance Industries Ltd.

Jai Damania, of 2018-20 batch, pursuing his MBA in Marketing ,interned at Reliance Industries Limited based in Navi Mumbai. 

His project was a pure Marketing role that required knowledge of marketing and strategy. He worked in the petrol retail division of Reliance where he had to deal with people from three other businesses as well, namely, Petrochemicals, Retail and Jio. 


His project was divided into two phases- one was doing market research to understand what the consumer wants and then developing a strategy for it. His work involved all processes from ideation, understanding what consumer wants, developing a strategy, testing it in few cities, taking feedback, making changes, to making a pan-India model and then implementing it. He was extremely delighted to see his brainchild come to life across 28 states. The diversity of his project helped him experience two different aspects of culture at Reliance- one traditional and other modern.

As his key learnings he gained an understanding of who are the customers and what they need. Additionally, one must understand the importance of their project, what could be the impact on the company, what is the division you are working in, how much revenue can it generate etc. One must know how much value their project and this shall add to the organisational value as a whole.

He advises the junior batch to start preparing for their internships post-December and focus on certain subjects in depth. It is important to understand the jargon pertaining to your specialisation and how to apply the same in real life.

SCMHRD Family wishes him all the best for his future endeavours!


-Anubha Mishra, Media and PR Team

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