PPO Chronicles #14: Abhishek Parakh, Wipro Ltd.

Abhishek Parakh, a Marketing student from MBA 2018-20 batch, interned with Wipro Ltd. in Bangalore. He was based in CIS Research department and his work included determining the licensing mechanism of various system software being used in cloud and infrastructure services such as Microsoft, Windows etc and making comparative analyses of CIS tools in terms of both functionality and commercial use. 

His profile was related to Business Development, primarily around the bidding process. He explains that before the bidding, one determines the cost, comparative competency, functional competency and then present to the customer. They outlined the needs of the customer, what solution they want in cloud infrastructure services and then gave a proposal based on functional and commercial feasibility. His project was of the nature that he had to keep in contact with senior management for information. In the department he worked, he had to make contact with one person who again gave him contact to three more, which became a never-ending loop.

According to Abhishek, the work culture at Wipro is great and the helping hands that always came forth whenever he was in need were the best thing about his internship. His key learning from the experience was how to get information as quickly as possible. Also, one needs to interact well all the while being calm and composed. Technical knowledge will play an important role at any company one works at, but more helpful than that will be your communication skills. 

For their upcoming internship, he advises the junior batch to understand their projects well before finding the answers. Taking things step-by-step will be the key. 

SCMHRD Family wishes him all the best for his future endeavours!


-Anubha Mishra, Media and PR Team

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