PPO Chronicles #13: Akarsh Srivastava, Becton-Dickinson Healthcare

Meet Akarsh, specializing in Marketing and having interned at Becton-Dickinson Healthcare. Being an alien to the whole industry he had to start with secondary research to understand the subject matter of how the healthcare industry operates. Once he became familiar, he was on his toes for his upcoming project which was to focus on the market expansion of a product. To start with, he did market research and came up with data that helped him analyze the gaps in their approach.

He then came up with a three-pronged strategy to increase product outreach without increasing the costs. Interacting with hospitals and other key stakeholders for these medical devices were very new experiences for him. The mentor and the peers were very helpful and encouraging towards his work.
Being consistent, making the best use of the opportunity and his data analysis skills were the factors that gave him an edge over others at the internship. His advice to juniors is “Use your shrewdness to understand the problem and follow your instincts and you will find your way”.

Congratulations Akarsh! We wish you every success in your future endeavors.

– Prachee Muzumdar, Media and PR Team

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