PPO Chronicles #10: Roopam Bhowmick, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance

Roopam Bhowmick, student of Marketing from MBA Batch 2018-20, interned with Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance. He was based out of Head Office in Mumbai. He was assigned three projects during the course of his internship. The first one was designing a marketing strategy for group reading protection, the second was improving the Management Information System of the company and the third one was designing an automated simulation game for the partner.

His first project was about making a marketing strategy of group credit production, where he pitched the insurance product to the corporates and his work was in designing brochures, animations, advertisements, etc. 

Roopam’s second project was completely different from the first one. For improving the management information system he worked upon the project to improve the communication between the stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are the internal employees and external stakeholders are the partners, business heads, functional heads, etc. 

Finally, in automation i.e his last project, there was a simulation kind of a game. In insurance there are no salespeople, one has to pitch through the agents, which has to be incentivized to improve the excitement regarding products, therefore they started a competition. It ran for six months and the simulation was prepared in such a manner that it was updated every day automatically as per their performance.

According to Roopam, what MBA taught him in the first place was to manage his time and meet his deadlines. He believes that there is no substitute for one’s technical knowledge. He expresses that one needs to evolve as per the changing dynamics of the market. Companies prefer people who have a strong acumen for marketing skills, as well as good knowledge of data analysis Also, to understand the deliverables to be given so as to have a clear goal in mind makes the work much easier.

His key learning from the experience he shared was that it gives you an edge if you have a good knowledge of data analysis over the marketing part. The technical aspects are just as important as your marketing skills. 

He advises the junior batch to focus on building a cordial relationship with peers as one can learn a lot by just talking to them and asking for guidance. SCMHRD Family wishes him all the best for his future endeavors!


-Anubha Mishra, Media and PR Team

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