Plugging the ‘Smart’ in the Smart City By Vasundhara Sen

With what has become one of the most ambitious projects of the BJP government, every qualified city is now gearing up to become a “Smart” city. Pune being one of them, has started working round the clock, with what-have-yous, on the data collection, analysis and the final report writing. The PMC has embarked on this mammoth task, with the help and co-operation from very many entities, such as consultants, expert analytics firms and the local civic bodies. Joining in this herculean task, and very proudly so, are the student interns from SCMHRD, Infrastructure Management batch of 15-17. A never before given opportunity, the students are putting in their heart and soul in this live project.

The exposure to these students is unprecedented in terms of getting to apply what they have learnt in the classes, and giving them a reality check of what field study is all about. The project needs them to sweat it out for 5 days a week, for 3 months, until December, when the final report will be submitted to the central government. On one hand, they may be the legs in the study, doing the survey and collecting data, they are also the brains behind the project, analyzing and making sense of data. Making the “Pune” story is something that they get to do, which is a seriously envious task, to say the least!.  The expert guidance that they are getting from the consultants and corporates involved in the project, is something that one doesn’t get easily and should hence be cherished and remembered as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The final result will only be known in December, if Pune does qualify to become a Smart City, but the story that is being built by the students will never be forgotten. All of this, of course, cannot happen without the unrelentless support of the Institute and University senior management, who have not left any stones unturned to see this project till the end.

While we all wait to see the end result, the journey will surely be an enriching experience for all involved, and one hopes that we are the “Smartest” in the country!

By Vasundhara Sen 
Faculty and Program Coordinator for MBA (Infrastructure Management)

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