In June 2018 we the 2018-20 batch of SCMHRD were off to our Outbound Learning Program. Even though we were tired one could never have guessed it from the energy we exuded at 6:30 AM in the morning. Full of energy and enthusiasm for the road and enjoyment ahead we boarded our respective buses and headed to Surya Shibir Resort. With songs as entertainment and newly made friends as company we reached the location at about 8:30 in the morning. There we were soon divided into groups and one set of groups set off for a trek while the other prepared themselves for a lot of fun filled yet gruelling activities. The trek was a 8 km trek through a beautiful mountain road where we climbed to the top of the mountain and felt like shouting out to the world “We are here! We did it!” It was beautiful and scenic in all meanings of the word. Some fell some ran but none stopped that’s how inspired we were. The activities were the best teachings one could find ranging from simple activities where one competed with other groups ramping up both participation and energy to adrenaline filled valley crossing. Sumptuous and tasty dinners, lunches and breakfasts rejuvenated us all of two days. Then in the evening of the first day came the performances of all the groups. The fact that we could come up with such exquisite performances in but a few hours surprised everyone present, we enjoyed and bonded for life. On the eve of the second day when we were leaving we were both excited and sad, excited that our MBA life was finally beginning and sad because we knew this enjoyment, camaraderie and fun would never come back again. It is true that in MBA we learn more outside class than inside always and forever.

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