Outbound Learning : Batch 2019-21

Today, B-Schools are centers for developing leaders instead of managers. This generation needs to take profit and planet forward, and not just follow the status quo. It is in this spirit that the 2019-21 batch was taken for their outbound program to Surya Shibir.

Their journey began at 6:00 am on 14th June when they took the long and beautiful journey to Surya Shibir, a resort nestled comfortably amidst nature and wildlife. This journey was marked by greenery, beautiful water bodies and the spectacular Varasgaon Dam.

On the first day, they were split into two teams. Each team participated in a total of eight activities. From having to walk across a field in stilts to having to use 12 bricks among 18 people to move between two points on the field, all the games were designed to understand the importance of teamwork. Even though they got competitive at times, they were always reminded that the first order of action was working together, before working to win. The day ended with a cultural performance by the students, where they performed for each other.

The next day a yoga session was conducted for the students, post which they went for a trek. Once they returned, a debriefing session was held to help crystalise the objectives of the last two days. This was followed by a feedback session after which the students returned to campus.

In the two days, most of the batch got an experience of a lifetime, bonding in a pristine location while learning the art of leadership. “10 out of 10” was one of the many rave reviews “Nothing better than making new friends and new memories”. With a year full of exciting things underway, SCMHRD is glad that it was able to start the year for the students with a bang.


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