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Adapting to the change and making a way ahead is something the community at SCMHRD believes in. Online meets have helped us sail through this pandemic. Unlike every other individual, the batch of 2021-2023 was all ready with a mixed bag of emotions to begin our new journey at the most prestigious college of the country, SCMHRD. We were virtually welcomed by the entire team of Symbiosis Centre of Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) through the pre-induction sessions on 6th July 2021. The community at SCMHRD, under the guidance of our director, Dr. Pratima Sheorey, made sure we have a vibrant first day experience at B-School, most akin to the offline one.

The first session commenced with a welcome speech by the Director of SCMHRD, Dr. Pratima Sheorey. It began by paying homage to the departed souls. Later, she introduced us to the vision of SCMHRD and gave her valuable advice for the batch of 2021-2023, mentioning all the must-have skills in any student of SCMHRD. She mentioned about the importance of commitment towards learning, “learn from everywhere “- that’s what she said. Apart from this, she also mentioned about the importance of dedication and discipline as brilliance isn’t enough to succeed in life if not accompanied by proper efforts and sincerity. The session was then taken over by the Guest of Honor, Indraneel Chatterjee, Co-founder of RenewBuy and Alumni of SCMHRD (Batch 2001). His was one of the most engaging and enthralling part of the session. He gave some amazing words of wisdom which included balance in academic and co-curricular aspects, building networks and people skills, making life-long relationships in the span of 2 years and treasuring these bonds forever, having a mentor to guide you when lost and taking risks & chances without the fear of failure. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Netra Neelam and the session was concluded by a Sanskrit Shloka –

“काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, स्वान निद्रा तथैव च ।

अल्पहारी, गृहत्यागी, विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं ।। “– which mentions the qualities of good student.

The second session was started by Dr. Netra Neelam, she introduced various important departments at SCMHRD. She went on to tell about the various teams and committees like the anti- ragging and internal committee (which looks for the IC matters like sexual harassment etc.). She also mentioned about the AACSB accreditation which acts as a quality certification and makes SCMHRD among the top 5% B-schools globally to receive this. She also focussed on Experiential Learning Concept and how it forms an important part in the pedagogy of SCMHRD. Later, the speakers Siddarth Nagar and Akanksha Singh gave brief information about the courses available at coursera and how to begin using them in order to add value to our profile. Dr. Manish Sinha talked about the importance of alumni engagement and the various steps taken like the Digital Outreach, Alumni Spotlight, Connect Drive etc. The 2nd session gave us deep information about the academic schedule, exams, rules & regulations, courses and various opportunities at SCMHRD.

The 3rd session was conducted by the HODs of respective departments. It helped the batch to know their faculties better. This session was extremely informative in nature. It stated how the mission statements aligned with the program learning goals. We were introduced to Assurance of Learning, which is an outcome base assessment process and the objectives for assessing using AoL. We were further elaborated about the course, subjects, sectoral knowledge, projects and the electives. 

Every session was very insightful and the speakers were very proficient in clearing all the doubts during each session. We thank all the speakers and the faculties for such a smooth and wonderful virtual on- boarding experience. We are grateful for the belief that SCMHRD entrusts in its students and their potential. It is definitely a boon for every student to embark a new journey under the guidance of the knowledgeable, skilled and experienced faculties of SCMHRD. Looking forward to earn more accolades for SCMHRD by becoming the best version of ourselves. 



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\\\Induction_2021\Induction 2021\6 July 2021\Session 1-Orientation of SCMHRD\Screenshots\New folder\5.png

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