Nestlé Ingenium Launch: Cause it is all about being real

Nestle’ with more than 2000 brands and a presence in over 150 countries, is the world’s largest food and Beverages Company. In India, it is one of the big players in the FMCG sector with its consumer base spread across the country.  Nestle’ launched their HR Case Study Competition, INGENIUM at the SCMHRD campus on 24th July, 2019.

The launch event was graced by Mr. Mukund Raut, Sales and Marketing Manager (Regional Sales Manager), Nestle’ and saw the attendance of all the students from the human resources specialization. 

The event began with the speaker, Mr. Raut introducing the company and the competition. He stressed that such competitions are important as they provide a window to students to present their ideas to top leadership. Also the winners would be eligible for Pre Placement Offers (PPOs) and the cash prize. The winners, Runners-up at the national level as well as the Campus winners would receive a Cash Prize each.

The case studies were around the field of “Employee Relations” and “Sales HR”. This year the case study will be around “Compensation and Benefits”. The cases given have always been relevant to the current market trends. This year’s topic aims at providing a complete understanding to the employees of their compensation and benefits. 

Mr. Raut further shared the ‘Cheat Codes’ – trips and tricks to crack Case study competitions. The focus needs to be on 3 important things:

  1. Play to your strengths –  Stress on Synergy over skill
  2. Problem before Solution – Focus on ‘What’ more than the ‘How’ of the Problem statement
  3. Leverage Data – Solutions backed-up with substantial data

He further stressed that recognizing the target group is the key. He also mentioned of the 3 step approach “Idea” (Keeping the Stakeholders in mind),”Story” (Simple and Coherent) and “Execution” (End-to-End) to propose a complete solution to the given problem statement. 

The event ended with an interactive Question and Answer  session where Mr. Raut addressed doubts varying from the case study competition, brands offered, opportunities at Nestle’ to the outstanding performance of the company both in the regional as well as Global Markets.  To sum it up, it was more than a just a Launch event, with young aspiring HR professionals taking home not just a better understanding of cracking cases but also clarity on the FMCG sector and Nestle’ in particular.

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