SCMHRD is known for a campus that keeps thriving day in and day out and a major event that has contributed to its hustle and bustle throughout is its annual corporate and cultural festival, NEEV. The 3rd largest B-school festival in India, it makes sure that December remains the most awaited and coveted month of the year for the students. It is an event that promises unlimited fun and excitement with electrifying performances by renowned artists, enthralling bands, and mind-blowing competitions and events.

The 1st of October was an interesting affair for the students of SCMHRD as it marked the much-awaited unveiling of the theme of NEEV 2019, i.e., “The Ascension”. The occasion was graced by the Director of SCMHRD Dr. Pratima Sheorey, Deputy Director Dr. Netra Neelam, Faculty-in-charge Dr. Pankaj Sharma and the honorable chief guest Ms. Ragini Tandan, the singer-song writer of the viral music single Lamberghini. The Director of SCMHRD commenced the evening with a noteworthy speech followed by an address by the Deputy Director. The crowd was mesmerized when the star of the night, Ms. Ragini Tandan swept them off their feet with her performance of her record-breaking track “Lamberghini”. Following the performance, team NEEV put on an illuminating augmented projection display, a spectacle to behold. The LED Tron dance artists from Neha’s Dance O Mania performed next invigoratingly with their light and dance fusion shining in pitch darkness, dazzling the crowd as they set the stage on fire. The next act had on stage a renowned comedian, Mr. Pushkar Bendre who along with his “partner in crime” Ms. Aayushi Jagad left the crowd in peels of laughter. 

The NEEV Team showcased SCMHRD’s journey through an engaging video, highlighting the various facets of “The Ascension”, followed by “The Box Office Blitz”, an all-in all-out affair to showcase people’s love for the entertainment industry. The competition instantly strikes a chord with the audience as they cheered for their fellow batchmates in pursuit for the title of SCMHRD’s ultimate cinephile. Dr. Pankaj Sharma along with Professor Suhas Ambekar surprised the crowd next, with their melodious “shayari” and set the tone for an array of enriching song and dance performances by the cultural committee of SCMHRD.

In wake of the completion of the theme launch, Team NEEV looks forward to receiving yet another year of record-breaking participation during its signature event that is slated to happen in the second week of December.

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