NEEV 2016 Theme Launch: Reigniting the passion

img_94197th October, 2016. The stage was set. The launchpad was ready. The theme launch for Neev was finally here.

The palpable excitement in the air began to settle as the organizers finally let the curtains down on the roadmap to the largest event of SCMHRD. Through a video presentation that was a treat to the eyes, they portrayed a message about the dissolution of mediocrity in everyday life. Striving for that extra mile, going beyond the barriers of goodness to summit the zenith of excellence, and inculcating among others the infectious spirit of vitality that one identifies with Neev, were the main pointers that were directed across the stage. “Reignite” was the official keyword for the fest, promising to rekindle the passion within every SCMHRDian as they embarked on the journey towards Neev 2016.

img_9533The event kicked off with an address by Mr. Sumit Shrivastav, Cluster head and VP, Radio Mirchi, Maharashtra, wherein he spoke about work ethic and provided the students with a lot of pointers about achieving success in life. Dancers from ITA amazed the spectators with some groovy numbers, pulling off gravity-defying stunts at the drop of every beat. Pune comedian Pushkar Bendre took the stage next, sending the audience into fits of laughter with his ready wit and relatable humour. But the best was yet to come, as SCMHRD welcomed on stage, renowned stand-up comedian, Deep Chhabria. With an act of situational humour at its finest, he commanded full attention of the whole auditorium, making it the liveliest evening in the college in a very long time.

The main acts of the day were followed by informal events, wherein the crowd chose the college favourites in a variety of fields such as the “Blabbermouth”, “High heels” and “Funny bones”. Finally, the concluding ceremony for the day was organised by the music club of SCMHRD, through a medley of lively songs and instrumental performances.


The theme launch was a long awaited event, paving the road towards an even more anticipatory period in the college calendar. Reigniting the dormancy, setting aside all latency and going all-in with unbridled passion, the countdown to Neev couldn’t have asked for a better start.

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