Neev 2016 – Reigniting the Passion


Amidst the mentally taxing course load of an MBA, a period of fun, frolic and the celebration of youth brings respite to the budding managers and refuels them with a sense of rejuvenation. This rejuvenation spurs them on to reignite the passion within themselves; the passion to compete, contest and conquer. Such was the story of Neev 2016.

The annual cultural-cum-managerial fest of SCMHRD, Neev, presented its twenty first iteration this year. Bigger, better and more flamboyant than ever before, Neev 2016 ushered in a sense of festive cheer throughout the campus. The first day of the event, held on 16th December, witnessed a slew of events, including the finance event, Finomenon and the operations event, Ranniti. A star studded lineup of speakers, including the likes of Mr. Savji Dholakia and Devita Saraf, CEO, VU Televisions, enthralled the audience during the talk show, Atlantis Diaries. Informal games were held throughout the day, some of them being the Sony PlayStation gaming tournament and the Obstacle race. The glamour quotient of the fest was raised a notch during the campus princess beauty pageant. Judged by Ms. Ruhi Singh, participants from all around the country battled it out for the final title. The inter college fashion show soon followed suit, and the participants were received with great cheer and enthusiasm. The day concluded with the acclaimed DJ Shaan setting the campus grounds on fire with an array of popular tracks and electronic music.

The second day saw another series of competitions, namely, the HR event, cHaRacter crunch and the marketing event, The Sell’ular network, wherein the participants decoded various challenges and deliberated on various managerial topics. The Muggle Quidditch tournament was held over the course of the day, wherein the magical game from Harry Potter was given realistic dimensions and resulted in a fun-filled exercise session for the participants. Towards the evening, the dais was lit up by the crew from ‘The Stage’, from Colors Infinity. Following that, acclaimed Bollywood singer, Aditi Singh Sharma, took to the stage and made the crowd dance to a slew of popular Bollywood tracks. The day concluded with yet another musical session by Mika Singh’s official DJ, DJ RawKIng.

The final day of Neev saw its flagship event, Augustus, the hunt for India’s best student manager, draw to a close. Every last participant fought tooth and nail for the award, but, eventually, the title was won by SIBM, Bangalore. But the star attraction of the fest was saved for the last, as acclaimed comedian, Sorabh Pant of East India Comedy, graced the podium. What followed was two hours of the finest humour, roasting and rib-tickling laughter.

The event ended with an after party celebration wherein all the seniors and juniors came together for a night of celebration and dance, rejoicing in the post-festive atmosphere of the massive success of Neev 2016.

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