My journey to winning Infosys Ingenious 2018

Infosys Ingenious 2018 was a long journey spread over 2 months with around 4000+ teams across 40 B-schools in India. Talking about my journey, being a commerce graduate with no background knowledge in technology and IT, words like AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT seems out of my comfort zone. It’s when I realized that the task at hand is a challenging one, something that brings a different perspective and thoughts which I had never worked upon, and that drove me to work on it and put my best foot forward.
My team members, Aakanksha Patil, and Pranav Rawat, (both from marketing specialization) gave a true balance to the team in all the rounds, be it quiz or case study and finally a B-plan owing to their own strengths and different educational backgrounds. We named our team “Grey Matter” since it paves the way to the novelty and we decided to bring something new to the table.
Seeing our names in the top 5 teams and presenting our B-plan to the top leaders of the Company, including Mr. Harsha Bhogle and Mr. Pravin Rao- COO, Infosys Ltd will always be cherished. On top of the prizes on offer, we gained some invaluable experience that we couldn’t have found in too many other places, and that itself is the greatest reward. Not only this, we stayed at their headquarters in Bengaluru and received an amazing welcome straight from the airport. The amazing hospitality and goodies every now and then were cherry on the top.
Looking back, it was a fun-filled journey with a lot of brainstorming sessions and sleepless nights and we cherished every moment of it. None of this would have been possible with all the help and support we received from our college, SCMHRD, faculty members and our batch mates and juniors.
Kanika Arora