My Journey at SCMHRD

Firstly, I would like to take a moment to extend my most sincere thanks to the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, the Director and Deputy Director of SCMHRD and my HOD for this honor.  I would also like to thank my colleagues, friends and family for supporting me through this wonderful journey.  

SCMHRD gave me the opportunity to relive the college life. There were moments of intense pressure and extreme joy, but both taught some meaningful lessons.

The most valuable part of SCMHRD is its Human Resources. And a major part of these ‘Human Resources’ for me had been my colleagues; seeing each one of them work really hard and pursue their own approach to achieve something meaningful was one of my biggest learnings. And the most admirable of my colleagues were the Guruji(s) also known as Sir(s) or Dai(s). They were the epitome of knowledge and wisdom for most of the batch, and no matter the day or time we could all go to them for guidance. I will always admire their selflessness in taking the time out to guide and tutor one and all in a competitive environment such as this. Being a part of a student body made of unique individuals acting as a community- where people helped and supported one and another to fulfilling their goals made the SCMHRDxP all the more fulfilling and enriching.  

The next and the most vital part of ‘Human Resources’ are the professors- for their tireless work ethic and dedication to the student body. They found innovative ways to share nuggets of wisdom that would be elemental for our success in our careers as well as our future endeavors. Though there are various methods of teaching, their approach to a subject as well as the subject matter were both thought-provoking. We can never thank them enough for pushing us to our limits and making us do the things that we as students didn’t see the value of at first.

Last but not least; the Administrative part of ‘Human Resources’. Our Administration did a wonderful job filling the gap between the students and teachers. They were always ready to support the implementation of all the initiatives taken by the teachers and the students to further their objectives. Their supporting nature gave the students the will power to pursue their ideas.

At SCMHRD, the learning curve is kind of sinusoidal, you keep on learning and unlearning and that gives you the taste of everything you need to prepare yourself for the life ahead.

All in all, I hope the SCMHRD experience was as wonderful for my fellow colleagues as it had been for me, and even better for the future SCMHRDians. Wishing anyone who reads this, ALL THE BEST for their future endeavors, God bless everyone…


Author: Gaganveer Singh


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