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I remember the first month of college very vaguely (t=0), mainly because it feels like such a long time ago and because of all the infinite things that have happened ever since. The one thing I do remember is the anticipation with which I entered SCMHRD and the anxiety of what lay ahead.

Enter Seniors (t=t+1 month)

Lights. Camera. Action. It was like the entire scene changed. On one hand, I found myself running for committee selections and assignment submissions and on the other hand, I tried to keep myself updated with the latest rate of bananas in the marketplace because freshers was just round the corner (August and September being a boom time in Hinjawadi market). The sequence of events is so quick and exhausting – it’s addictive.

Amidst all the buzz, I never realized when I became a part of one of the most energetic and lively teams namely the Admissions Team! Work became Worship, literally. I started viewing the world from a different prism altogether. Branding became something much more than just a fancy word thrown around during meetings. Twitter and Facebook were not timepass anymore – they were tools through which one can change perception, engage and inspire audience. I stopped laughing at errors in newspapers, magazines, etc because I suddenly realized the pain behind PR. It added on to my personality, it became my personality.

On one such night (t=t+3 months), when we were trying to decide on the one thing that can connect everything related to SCMHRD, the one thing that binds them all, so to speak – much like the glory of the Lord of the Rings, #SCMHRDxp was born (it’s first birthday coming up soon). These 8 non-vowels were to signify a simple thing – The SCMHRD Experience.

As you read this blog (t=t+15 months), an interesting thing to note is that there are a million SCMHRD experiences resonating within the walls of this campus and a billion more outside it. It’s good to see the Batch of 2015, 2016 and the current Batch of 2017 actively engaging in this campaign and expressing themselves with this hashtag. However, as I sip coffee, I realize that all this is much more than just a couple of HashTags. These are emotions that deeply connect us with this campus. These are memories stuck in your head which are not that easy to forget. These are all the festivals that we celebrate together. These are the endless journeys that each one goes through within the 2 years of MBA.

This is the result of all the anticipation and anxiety that, like me, each person carries with him or her.

This is #SCMHRDxp

Rahul Kulkarni

MBA – Marketing (2014-16)


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