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A Pragmatic Life

Other day was feeling very low, a feeling to withdraw from people around, to channelize the life in a more organized way, and wish to get over the everyday struggle to push myself for following new schedule which I chose by myself some with a belief that it is my karma and some with an understanding that time has come to prioritize life with a sense of being wholesome.  Mind was dwindling that I cannot continue like this forever but the zest to accept the changes kept me going. Today sitting at my desk analyzing what all I did since then without cribbing for once gives me a soupcon that I took  a right call of action on right time but I know that’s not the end and many such more occasions are already in pipeline making their way out to reach me. Recent incident and actions going around, has made me stronger and confidant that – yes I can pull it off / anything that comes to my stride with dignity & respect.
However I don’t deny the fact that there was no approach by me to my partner or friends to hear me out. Its human psychology at such low point in life all of us feel a need to have a shoulder to rest on, I am no different from the people around and did spoke to my partner – who due to his busy schedule could not help me much; then I approached two of my school friends wherein I could not discussed it with one but finally I happened to open up with another friend of mine who was nice enough to spare time from her too tight schedule and heard me out. Conversation turned out to be therapeutic for me. The same day it happened that while surfing the social media I came across a blog which was for my surprise being written by the same friend of mine with whom I could not discussed my concerns in life. Frankly I could not read all of her articles but the one which I did gave me a feeling that my belief in karma is nevertheless wrong and I am on correct path to follow it. Thanks to both of my friend one who heard me out and other to clear my confusions about life unknowingly.

 Life to live to remember
Life considered by – some accept as it comes to you, some beliefs changes are required, destined to be like this and many more such speculation doing the round. But how many of us really practice the literal meaning of life rather most of us go by what happens around us OR by following in the footsteps of others OR by cursing the destiny OR holding the people around us solely responsible for the troubles happening. However I believe that life is more than this and is more meaningful, simple & beautiful. It’s just that one needs to set his / her mindset based on one’s understanding rather than blindly believing others. Here we bring you a person who purely believes that indeed life deserves more than what it gives us. Her name is Ms. Sumathi Jagadisan [my friend who unknowingly helped me] fondly known as Su to her friends and colleagues. Sumathi is a Dy. Chief Cabin Crew with Air India Ltd. and is a trained Yoga Teacher since October ’06. Her belief in spirituality, religious, values in life have made her strong and independent in life. She preaches what she follows. Over the years she has become proficient with the asana wherein she pen down her thought about life which one must read to understand the karma of a life.

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