Mess,The Food and Other Trivia By Akash Malhotra

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Day -1: After almost 22 years in Delhi, I move away from my home, my city, my family. Sadness and gloom aside, my typical Punjabi mother was less concerned about losing her son for years and more about the ‘ghee-less, ghar ka makhan-less’ food that I’ll have to bear with. Haunted and tormented by the very thought of this, she came to me and said ‘Beta ek induction cook-top le ja’, words so touching they filled my eyes with tears. I knew the place would be new and the food would be different, but somehow I was wanting to experience that change. This thought motivated me to not listen to my mom and take a plunge into the cuisinal experience SCMHRD had to offer.

Day 0: At 2PM amidst the scalding hot weather, I reach the campus. With my stomach making sounds like Star Wars, I shyly went up to the registration desk and asked ‘Where is the mess?’ only to get a smug laugh from the lady. I knew she was hiding something, a big secret. I was suspicious at first, but after deliberate consideration and weighing my options of solving a mystery vs having lunch for over 2.5 micro-seconds, I decided to choose the latter.

With tremendous hope and excitement I entered the mess only to find out that we were being treated to the delicacies ‘Torai Masala, Shak Bhaji and Dal Lasooni’ and paper thin chapattis to go with that. Remember Theon Greyjoy, the Game of Thrones character who has been tortured so much that he wants to die but can’t. Well, that is how I felt the moment I checked out the menu. I had always heard stories about mess food and the cries that come with it, but for the first time I was experiencing that pain. And yes, it was very painful.

Day N: It’s been almost 6 months since I joined SCMHRD. And it’s been one roller coaster ride. I have had every kind of experience there is to have in an MBA college. Friends, parties, presentations, lectures, placements, everything. No day has ever been the same as the previous day, every day is a completely new journey. The only thing that has remained consistent is the mess food. And I’m confident that those people will be able to maintain that consistency till the college stands.



Akash Malhotra
MBA 2014-16

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