Mahindra War Room Season 9 – Campus Evaluation Round

The Mahindra War Room Campus Evaluation round took place on 26th September, 2016 at SCMHRD. Mahindra War Room is a fertile battleground for the best minds of the country to showcase their managerial expertise and prowess. Six teams comprising 4 students each, had the chance to present detailed strategic solutions for a multitude of business challenges. Each caselet represented a management problem from Mahindra’s various business verticals. The teams had 20 minutes to present their plans followed by 10 minutes to answer the exacting questions by the judges. The teams were also provided with peer evaluation forms, to ensure feedback from all levels.
14434996_1170450329706187_8986811287871172324_oThe panelists present on campus were Rajeev Malik, Senior General Manager, Mahindra Marketing, Truck and Bus Divison; Pankaj Sonalkar, CEO, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturing Ltd; and Anisha Saluja, Manager, Employer Branding and Resourcing, Group HR, Mahindra and Mahindra Limited. The judges were impressed by the efforts all the teams had put in for research, which enabled them to pull off unique, effective and well-rounded solutions. The teams were appreciated for the in-depth coverage provided by their presentations. Anisha Saluja also shared the parameters on which the teams were judged and how crucial each of these qualifiers was for a team to win.
14380055_1170450313039522_5380658931931057616_oThere was a palpable excitement in the air, as the panelists asked the audience for their opinions on the finalists. Three teams qualified for the next round: Team Four Tellers (Neha Chandrashekhar, Vishal Balasubramanian, Shubendu Shekhar, and Rohon Ghosh) were commended for their well-researched take on the marine business strategy case. Neha Chandrashekar also won the Best Presenter award for the evening. Team Miracle Makers (Harsha Baldwa, Vinish Malick, Akshita Sinha, and Nikita Nath) provided an astute and systematic solution for the Agri-Business caselet. Team Baby ko War Room Pasand Hai (Vinayak Patil, Prajnan Sengupta, Hitesh Khurana, and Ayan Das) were extolled for their take on the Trringo Business Strategy.
14468584_1170450323039521_2298810131212051101_oThe judges shared their feedback with the audience and provided valuable insights to the qualifying teams. This definitely provided an impetus and boost for the upcoming gruelling rounds. All six presentations were discerning and carefully thought out, serving as sources for important pointers and guidelines for the junior batch who would be looking forward to participating with equal eagerness and fervour the following year.


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