Deloitte has built up a ‘Conversation Platform’ for their employees’ to share the inspirational stories / actions that have inspired their own or others lives. To broaden the concept they have made the forum public. I quite liked the concept which will impact someone’s life in a positive way.

Sitting at my desk, with a cup of tea; my eyes gently sloping from my spectacles; and my mind whirring over which one to share; where to start from?After tremendous brainstorming I decided to share three small yet impactful instances of my life, a movie and a quote. These instances #MadeAnImpact  on me for life.


First #MadeAnImpact “Priority and Being Cautious”

When I was 12 – 13 years old, I was very casual towards my studies. Coming from a joint family,I was always surrounded by people, and was more into playing and roaming around. I still remember it was about 8 pm on a summer night that I went to see my younger cousin, who did not visit us that day. Seeing me at his room’s door he greeted me and asked me to sit, but suddenly there was a voice from the other corner of the room ‘you need to study, why are you asking her to sit’. I believe it was a harsh way of conversing on my aunt’s part, but that day I learnt to be cautious while conversing and to prioritize things in life based on the time and situation. Her saying #MadeAnImpact on me in such a way that today I am conscious while expressing my views and ensure to check before I visit someone; give importance to my requirements and inculcate the same in my daughter as well.

Second #MadeAnImpact “Be a reason for someone’s smile”

One day my colleague and I went to a street eating joint near our office. The joint has no sitting area, and has only ‘high tables’. We placed our order and were waiting for it. Meanwhile my colleague noticed a small girl eyeing us and her distressed look raised his concerns. He tried asking the girl her name but there was no response, then the shopkeeper informed us that she was deaf and dumb. We tried sign language to communicate with her, and found out that she was hungry. My colleague immediately placed the order for her. The smile on her face gave a quenched feeling. Actuality is in today’s busy schedule people are becoming more self-centric then being concerned for others. This action #MadeAnImpact on me and I took a pledge to be a reason for someone’s smile. As the saying goes ‘Charity begins @ home’, so each day I try to do something for / connect with my helper :-).

Third #MadeAnImpact ‘Enlightenment and Erudition’

This one is an extract from two different happenings of my life, which led to the lesson of ‘learning’. In the initial days of first job, my mentor suddenly resigned and I was left all by myself. No one to help me out; no knowledge transfer was done and every day was a challenge. After a week, my superior popped up a question, are you ready to step in your mentor’s shoes? I was perplexed, and scared of losing my job and nodded my head in agreement. The very next day my training began, and to my surprise my trainer was none other than my superior, who happened to be a ‘Group head HR – IR’ of one of the top business groups of India – “Aditya Birla Group”. My manager’s action #MadeAnImpact on me by teaching me that ‘Knowledge is Power’ and it cannot be used to distort people, and one must always be in a mind frame to share knowledge since sharing it multiplies it.

In the year 2011, I took a sabbatical and decided to pursue a course in SAP – HR. Post the completion of the certification and the grappling with the struggle to bag a job, I got through Accenture. Initially I was in a support team. Fortunately I got an opportunity to work on an Implementation project. However my impression there was that of a fresher, so my manager introduced to me an experienced third party consultant, and was asked me to consult her for any query I came across. We both were tough shells to break and for a while we were in our own comfort zone. Gradually, we started understanding each other and mutually broke the ice, and divided the work. As advised, I used to rely on her for my queries,which she could not accommodate due to her busy schedule. My being impatient to finish the task led me work harder and resolve the queries at my end. My colleague’s inability to accommodate time #MadeAnImpact on me to be independent and do my homework before reaching out to others.

Both the aforementioned incidences made me realize that ‘Enlightenment and Erudition’ go hand in hand. I ensure to extend my help to support others’ in their work and do my project work for all first time new assignments I get, and never give a reason that I am new for this assignment.


Salman Khan starrer, ‘Jai Ho’. The message in the movie was to build a chain of helping hands for the betterment of our country. It #MadeAnImpact on me by making me realize that instead of  responding to good deeds with a ‘Thank you’ we must respond by helping others. So I have made it a point that when someone expresses gratitude towards me I request them to help others in need.


Recently released and received accolades for actors’ great performance and the story line has #MadeAnImpact that Old age is an another form of childhood and is also a tender age in the human life cycle. It requires one to behave with the same kind of understanding; tremendous patience; and ignorance towards old people as one does with a child.

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