LSSEA: Unraveling the Corporate conundrum

img_2894Lean & Six Sigma Excellence Awards, the flagship event of SCOPE, SCMHRD offers a platform to the corporate to showcase their projects that involve improving performance and efficiency with the aid of six sigma methodologies and having them critically evaluated by a panel of eminent personalities in the field. Such a concept, which saw its beginning in 2005, evolved itself into a National level competition within a few years and this year i.e. in 2016 it saw international participation as well. The theme for the event this year was “Moving beyond customer expectation through improvement of product/service realization process”.


In a world where competition is cutthroat, organizations are going all out to go that extra mile. The onus is on providing the customer with that bit of extra value. Keeping this criterion in vogue, the organizers of LSSEA encouraged participation from various sectors such as manufacturing, service, FMCG etc. The dimension of companies ranged from giant conglomerates to SMEs and witnessed enthusiastic participation from companies like Kirloskar Oil Engines, Cummins, Reliance, TCS etc. Professionals from these and many such companies participated in and showcased the apparently minute improvements that they have carried out in their respective organizations that affect the efficiency of the company.


img_0552These improvements or refinements may seem insignificant in the face of it, but such steps towards the right direction, once accumulated, can transform the operations of the company for the better. These approaches hence will facilitate the path towards corrective operations, which will eventually lead to customer satisfaction through improved service/product realization. Thus, the regional round of the event held on 21st and 22nd of September 2016 by SCOPE, presented hardworking and innovative professionals with a platform to unveil their implemented solutions in front of a panel of experts. Needless to say, it was a learning experience for everyone involved and at the end of the day everyone left a little bit richer, of course, in terms of knowledge.

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