Live Out Ur Dream with Godrej

Reverberating enthusiasm in their hearts, eyes gleaming with dreams and mind focussing on grabbing on to them and making them come true, perfectly describes the rendezvous of SCMHRD’ians with Godrej LOUD. With the packed routine that comes with being a student at SCMHRD, LOUD proved to be a breath of fresh air and gave them an opportunity to let go of the structured way of living and thinking that they are otherwise used to. ‘Live Out Ur Dream’ as is the competition called, the team at Godrej makes sure that our dreams have a support and there is somebody out there who cares about them as much as we do.

The session began with a warm welcome from the students where they displayed their talent and displayed their excitement for the event. Later, Sandhini Nagvekar, Manager Campus Relations and Rajvi Shah, Employer Brand Manager at Godrej engaged the audience with the introduction of LOUD, its legacy, introducing the past winners and the fulfilling internship process later, named Gurukul at their Godrej One office, located at Vikhroli, Mumbai. The team made sure that they connect with their audience through the medium of games and learning that involved not one, but all.

The star for the day were our two speakers, Vandana Scolt, who is the Vice President and Head of Communication Design and Recruitment and Anubhav Gupta, who is the Chief Design Officer, Executive Vice President, Business Head at Vikhroli and Head of CSR and Sustainability. While their designation speaks volumes, it still falls short of the demeanour that they carried and the spell that they left on their audience. Through successive sessions, where they recounted their stories to the audience, we could envisage the power of our dreams through them. The connect that they had with their audience was very notable and while they spoke, they made sure that they owned the room and yet made the students believe that they were one of them.

The event was followed by a question and answer session and the students got a chance to interact with the speakers, to know better about the company and their lives. The speakers and the values of the company were inspiring and the insights that the students got from them would help them throughout.

Last but not the least, they brought in amazing goodies that were given to the students to engage them furthermore. However, the experience of Godrej LOUD trumped all. Thank you LOUD for making us revisit our dreams and giving us motivation to live them!


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