Situated in the heart of Pune, SCMHRD is an elite B-School having a nearly three-decade-long legacy to its name. This management institute has expertise in producing quality talent in different fields including Sales and Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, Business Analytics, and Infrastructure Development and Management. Along with pedagogical brilliance, SCMHRD places a strong emphasis on providing its students with the most recent technological skills needed in the business sector. Through a variety of institute programs and student activities, the institute also provides opportunities for individuals to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial talents.

After burning the midnight oil to crack SNAP, and going through the rigorous GEPIWAT process, aspirants finally land up with a chance to be a part of the legacy of SCMHRD that is spanning over 3 decades. As a stepping stone to what awaits them, candidates appear for a seamless admissions process, where the most hardworking and brilliant talent is chosen to be a part of the institute. Once the MBA begins, students experience a journey worth remembering.

The journey begins with an outbound learning program. The outbound learning program at SCMHRD has a longstanding history of taking new students to the Art of Living Ashram, Pune, which is about 30 minutes away from the university. The eager students get to see one day’s worth of outbound activities taking place away from the institute in the middle of picturesque hills and a luxuriant green environment. The one-day event includes a variety of activities like team-building exercises, hiking, and relaxation sessions. They are required to work in groups to accomplish tasks together. More than an icebreaker, the program offers a chance for the students to challenge their inhibitions and discover their potential. Following this is the official formal induction wherein the students are acquainted with the entire curriculum and are given a sneak peek into what is in store for them for the two-year journey- be it academics, or all other engagements.

SCMHRD believes that wholesome knowledge can be gained through experience and practical learning. Hence the intense academic curriculum is designed such that it prepares students to deliver their best. Along with intellectual development, SCMHRD offers a plethora of opportunities for personal and professional growth through case competitions and guest lectures, which enhance the student’s skills to solve real-world business problems. The guest lectures conducted by industry experts prove to be a great practical learning experience for the students.

Life at SCMHRD is not only about lectures but also brainstorming sessions, and learning time management through managing deadlines, post-class discussions, club activities, and committee events. SCMHRD ensures that the students are equally active in other areas apart from academic life, which is why the institute is home to several clubs/ committees and student exchange programs. Students at SCMHRD are exposed to many opportunities which in turn develop a holistic vision. One such chance to assist SCMHRD in better achieving its goals and raising academic standards is the student exchange program. The students get the opportunity to get international exposure and learn the industry standards of global stature. The program enhances the cultural and academic experience of a student.

The campus life at SCMHRD is a beautiful experience. Since it is a fully residential program, the hostels inside the campus make it very easy for a student to utilize time, with the academic block being just a stone’s throw away, the reading room and the library prove to be of great convenience. The campus also has SYMBI EAT to fulfil all the food cravings and indulgences. SCMHRD also organizes many Sports events like basketball, football, cricket, table tennis, and badminton Competitions. Students also have full access to the Gymnasium and the swimming pool. Students also have two best friends on campus- Lira and Dinar. They are the campus pets which help students destress after their hectic academic schedule. Students get to enjoy peaceful strolls around the lush green surroundings on the campus.

The commencement day marks the end of a student’s journey at SCMHRD. However, the spirit that SCMHRD infuses into its students never truly leaves them, as they carry it when they embark upon their respective corporate journeys.

Life at SCMHRD is like a roller coaster, with its share of ups and downs. The journey begins with an admission letter in the hand and ends with a prestigious MBA degree and a promising corporate career ahead. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that only a few get to live. So buckle up for the SNAP exam to be a part of the SCMHRD experience.

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