Lessons in Marketing Excellence with HUL

If one thought that life at SCMHRD could not get better, then they’re highly mistaken. The end of July witnessed great enthusiasm and zeal at the SCMHRD campus this year. All thanks to “Lessons in Marketing Excellence” – India’s most prestigious B-School challenge which is televised on CNBC-TV18 in association with Hindustan Unilever Limited, popularly known as HUL L.I.M.E.  Its 11th season was launched for the first time at the SCMHRD campus on the 30th of July. The campus was beaming with pride as SCMHRD joined other prestigious B-Schools of its league to make it to HUL L.I.M.E.’s list of participating campuses. The launch event was attended by a full house of eager and equally elated students waiting for an enriching experience. 

SCMHRD was happy to meet its mentors Mr. Vikram Shashimohan, Sr. Brand Manager, HUL and Mr.Varun Satia, Founder & Chief Storyteller, Kraftshala . The event was also graced by SCMHRD’s very own alumni, who graduated in 2017, Ms. Kriti Kaur, now Employer Brand Manager at HUL. The launch event opened with the ‘Every U does good’ themed video which was an apt introduction to Unilever. It highlighted Unilever’s global mission to do good, its work in the direction of sustainable living and its efforts in helping the local communities thrive. Mr. Vikram Shashimohan addressed the students and shared his experiences with working on different brands under HUL and how the organisation has taken him places. His quote “You know you’ve made it when you stop marketing to people and start mattering to people”, boasts of the kind of impact that HUL has made on the Indian consumer.

The theme this year for the 11th edition of L.I.M.E. is ‘Data driven Marketing’. In the upcoming market scenario, data-driven solutions are going to be the real game changers.  This is why it is expected of the students to gather relevant data and derive valuable insights to provide the best solution to the given problem. Also, the market dynamics today are changing. Organisations are moving from mass marketing to mass personalisation. Therefore, the proposed solution needs to be a good blend of each of the following – precision, personalised and performance marketing.  The session was then taken over by Mr.Varun Satia, who employed his experience and creative distinction to familiarise the audience with the L.I.M.E approach of providing solutions through a sample case study. He walked the students through all the aspects from consumer journey, segmentation, targeting to insights, triggers, barriers etc. This provided for a clear understanding of the challenge for the enthusiastic participants. The entire session was an interactive one that and goodies were distributed to the most active participants.  L.I.M.E. provides a shot at developing real life marketing skills. It provides opportunities to 1st year and 2nd year M.B.A. students to earn a PPI for Internship and Management trainee respectively. Also, National winners get a chance to become HUL’s representative to Future Leaders League on a Global platform. 

 To sum it up, the HUL LIME launch at SCMHRD was filled with both learning and fun. The enthusiasm that was witnessed during the launch is still resonating in the campus as the SCMHRDians have donned their marketing hats to provide the best data-driven solution and walk away with HUL L.I.M.E. SEASON 11 title.

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