Learning: The Scmhrd Way By Anup Anal

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“We learn from failure, not from success!” said Bram Stoker in his magnum opus Dracula. There is a world of significance in this sentence, especially for me.

First Lesson

I joined SCMHRD 20 days after the classes had started, thanks to my wait-list number. People had already made their friends and their own groups. I still remember the first day of class- I thought that things would be the same as those good old engineering days, but then reality struck me; things are always destined to change. It is not easy to get along with people as people want their own space. People have crossed their teenage days and are more mature, the old jokes are not valid now. Everything you say has to be mentally checked twice.

Later,when I started doing assignments and presentations in groups with my classmates, I realized that there is something called “formal friends” and “informal friends”. Yes, formal friends-friends that you make so that you can  get along with your academic work and other MBA stuff. And of course everyone knows what informal friends are!

Nevertheless,I have learned a lot since I joined SCMHRD, and I have made very good friends here.

Second Lesson

“Luck always betrays you when you need it the most”. Yes,I am a perfect example of that. As soon as I landed in SCMHRD, the committee selection process had started, and at the time I got viral fever. I gave some of the committee rounds in that state but later I had to get admitted to a hospital.  I kept on brooding over it for days, but found help when it was least expected.

It was the inaugural ceremony of InfraBlaze’15, and many eminent personalities like Honorable Cabinet Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari and Mr. Anil Swaroop, Secretary of Coal Ministry were among the chief speakers.  One statement by Mr. Anil Swaroop struck a chord within me that day, “Never ever worry for things that you cannot control”. These golden words of his were simple but quite invaluable. They left a long lasting impression on my mind like words engraved on a rock with a sharp diamond.

Yes, we not only learn academic lessons here in SCMHRD but life lessons as well. As future managers, we need to learn not only to manage our work but also to manage ourselves. In a competitive world like this, we need holistic learning and I found that for that there is no better place than SCMHRD.

Anup Kumar Anal
MBA 2015-17


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