Leadership talk : Mr.Deepak Goel, CEO of DigitallyNext, iMET Global

SCMHRD was pleased to host Mr.Deepak Goel, CEO of DigitallyNext, iMET Global as a part of the Leadership talks. The students of Business Analytics batch of SCMHRD got an opportunity to interact with and learn business perspectives of analytics and how data and analytics are fueling huge conglomerates.
An alumnus of SCMHRD 2003 batch, Mr.Deepak, a non-engineer, has an IT experience of 18 years with organizations like Zensar technologies, Hexaware Technologies, Advent Global and a few more. He is the founder of iMET Global – Academy of Digital social Media. iMET global focusses on skill development in fields relevant to the market such as IoT, Big Data and many more to say.
The session was driven on four fundamental pillars of any successful organization which also happen to be the acronym of iMET: Innovation, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship and Technology. Starting with the current state of the humongous IT industry, Mr. Deepak briefed about how the industry has evolved into a factory of IT professionals instead of becoming an IT superpower. Analytics and Data Science being new disruptions in the world, he talked about how professionals need to understand the difference between Business driven and Tool driven careers.
The next section was an interesting journey of how to deal with data as soon as it is procured. Starting from deriving information from data, one goes on to derive two types of intelligence from information.
Mr. Deepak explained about the two namely: Business intelligence and Market Intelligence and how different companies use different types of intelligences. Ultimately growth is driven by the intelligence capability of the organization.
The last section included talking about people, process, infrastructure and technology and the ways these are dependent on each other. The session ended with a brief description of differences between line of business and business of business and why they are important for an organization.
Overall, the session was an informative one with students learning to understand different approaches to different types of business initiatives.