Leadership Talk-A lecture by Mr Madhav Samant(CFO of Vodafone Services)

In a world where everyone is bustling and hustling to embark on a Point and have a say,there comes a time when time stays put and in a continuum of words, people listen. SCMHRD was the center stage witnessing one such phenomenon, when the CFO of Vodafone services Mr Madhav Samant took the mic and enthralled the audience with some words, where wisdom was incensed to aspire. Mr Madhav had a fresh perspective where he built his lecture around the expectations of the audience so that the students have a channel to imbibe and not just perceive.He even mentioned a quote by Steve Covey that holds a lot of relevance when it comes to oration especially around aspiring minds,”A word is not a word if not for it’s strokes”.

He Started his lecture by taking the students on the ride called “His life”.The turns of nature that he never saw,the dip of the herd that he fell for, the chink in the eye which never ceased to be and the stand out entity he wished to see. He spoke at length about his role at Hindustan Unilever where he had to deal with a lot of suppliers pertaining to their products like Brooke bond tea, surf excel detergent, Lifebuoy etc and how his patience became a lot more resilient after this experience. He talked about how his love for the frame of money strokes his motivation in his life. It is his very reason to sacrifice the most cherished sleep in the wee hours.He also touched upon the data analytics part of Vodafone’s strategy and the transformation that has come with the mindset of Vodafone vying to be an Indian entity. He emphasized the point that a manager should always have an end in mind, as to what every inch of puzzle ultimately would amount to.

He talked about the jabbers of accounting and financial planning and how this perspective of a business excites him. He elaborated the structure which simplifies the nexus of data, which most of the time seems incongruous but is the basis of a decision. The various accounting actions that are mere gaffe and what separate the Real accounting from the skimp of the same. He ended with an absolute stunner of a quote,”There are only two certainties in life:

In the strata of his financial notions he struck onto a very relevant point that is surely going to be the big Rock that strikes the corporation of humanity:Robotics
He mentioned the subjectivity of Robotics from a pure number’s point of view and the basis of it’s genesis. He made a valid point that people only seize the loss of jobs, that Robotics would subjugate but they don’t pick on the opportunities that would rise with it’s advent. He also was very clear with his stand on robotics and did not muddle with a middle ground which gave a lot of clarity over the issue. He also introduced students to the company Blue Prism which has been making ground breaking research on robotics and their cognitive use in the human scope of things.

The reason one could connect with him was his love for books and reading. For most of his points or assertions he had a book suggestion and a very relevant one. There is nothing more enchanting and enticing than listening to a well read man. A person who reads,has a structure of thought that is so supplicant and reverberating that even though the subject might seem a little irrelevant but it takes you by storm and leaves you gasping for more.In the Stroke of Words

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