Kerala Flood Donation Initiative

At Symbiosis we believe in the principle of Vasudev Kutumbakam – ‘The world is my family’. As a family, the students of SCMHRD have extended their support to the Kerala efforts.

The CSR team of SCMHRD have started relief efforts to help those in Kerala. Working closely with a local Keralite establishment Alleppey, they are currently collecting relief material like diapers, disinfectants, and clothes. The first trucks have left for the Goonj head-quarters, from where they will be sent to the Kerala flood relief efforts by air. We are sending more in the coming days given the volume of donations from concerned students, staff and people from the Hinjewadi region.

Kerala has seen unprecedented floods which have caused loss of lives and thousands to be displaced. At SCMHRD, we honour our duty towards celebrating diversity. We are proud of the efforts we have put forward and are grateful to the response that we have received. However, as the great English poet Robert Frost once said –

The woods are lonely, dark and deep,

I have miles to go, before I sleep

To those who wish to donate cash, they can contact the point of contact in SCMHRD –

Yasir : 9544076615

Mridula : 9744898264

Swati : 8192857477

However, it is preferable for individuals to buy the aforementioned goods worth the amount they wish to donate and submit it to our points of contact.

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