Kanika Tewatia Lives Her Dream

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Kanika Tewatia, an IT engineer and currently an MBA finance student from SCMHRD, is from Faridabad, Haryana. After a tiresome day of GDs and interviews for summer internship, she took to her cozy bed and within minutes, was lost in her dreamland.

Kanika really looked forward to getting an offer from CRISIL because it had a brand name to carry forward and would be a fantastic start to her career. She had also researched about CRISIL and found out that it had a great work culture. Moreover, the job profile offered there was in line with her primary motive of understanding the whys of real world affairs. Just as she had envisioned, she landed herself a role of Research Analyst in the Agri-Insurance sector in CRISIL at Mumbai.

Kanika’s responsibilities included secondary research where she had to collect and analyze data pertaining to crop insurance segment. She had to carry out primary research to verify the results obtained and/or fill in the gaps of the secondary research. Further, based on her analysis, she had to make detailed reports regarding her findings and concluding remarks. Her typical day would start with feedback and updates regarding her previous day’s work and then move on to go through and understand relevant research papers and financial statements. Occasionally, she had to make reports and present in front of senior management personnel.

As she speculated about her hurdles, she tossed and rolled over to change sides.

Her stumbling blocks would be while interacting with people to obtain primary data because that usually contained confidential information that had to be elicited. Howbeit, her persistence, determination and perseverance got her through it with flying colors. This experience helped her develop inter-personal skills and thus, emerge out as a very confident person. Cherry on the cake was that she seized the opportunity and cracked herself a pre-placement job offer from CRISIL.

As she woke up fresh the next day, presuming her entire journey as a dream, it took her a while to realize that her dream had indeed come true. “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”

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